Who Is Citizen Chris?

My name is Chris Snyder.

I was born on a farm in Iowa in 1973. At a young age I moved to Minnesota, where I spent the rest of my childhood.

I attended a Charismatic Christian school for six years and was deeply involved in the Christian community in Minnesota for many years. I learned a lot of the rationale that Fundamentalists bring to the Republican Party and, in fact, grew up in a largely Libertarian, Christian political culture.

After leaving the Minnesota in 1994, I traveled extensively, working on fishing boats in Alaska and Russia for about five years or so. In 2000, I graduated from the Seattle Maritime Academy, with a technical degree in seamanship.

In between fishing trips, I would travel to Europe and around the United States, imbibing different cultures and ways of thinking. Seeing that different systems were possible has always interested me.

In 2000, I fell into the union movement through working on tug boats, as an AB based in New York Harbor. I also worked for two summers as an oiler on the Circle Line sightseeing tourist cruise ship.

I moved to East Palo Alto, California, in 2002, so I could be with my sweetheart while she is earning her PhD in psychology.

Seeing the vast differences in pay and safety standards taught me that unions are the best way to improve social standards and give the average Jane and Joe a decent life. It also prompted me to get my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from CSU East Bay a.k.a Hayward.

I'm a proud member of a construction union. I work on a dredge most recently deepening the Port of Oakland. I interned at the San Mateo Central Labor Council for the 2004 election cycle. I am able-bodied seaman and have a 100-ton master's license.



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